Giving you confidence to face the media

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Giving interviews to the media in the 21st century is definitely not to be taken lightly!   One word  out of place, said to a ‘rottweiler’ interviewer can open you up to all sorts of problems.


However, if you’ve anticipated  the awkward questions, done your  preparation  and some rehearsal, things can be very different - and even enjoyable!

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"The Heritage Lottery Fund has worked with Colin on a number of occasions leading to a close and productive relationship.  Colin has an in-depth understanding of our business and core values and we have always appreciated his highly professional yet friendly approach.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Colin and his training partner Andrew to anyone who was looking for some outstanding media training".


Katie Owen, Senior Press Officer, Heritage Lottery Fund

Media training is definitely NOT about learning to avoid the difficult questions but it is  ALL about gaining confidence to deal with them. Capture the audience’s imagination – be it press, radio or TV - and you will capture the media!